Ruby Language for Beginners Part 3 - Ruby Strings

Ruby Language for Beginners Part 3 - Ruby Strings


This is a post from the Ruby Language for Beginners in 8 Parts!

In the today's post we're going to see Ruby Strings

Ruby Strings

A Ruby string can be created using quotes. You starts the string with a quote and finishes the string with a quote.

Example: "My String in Ruby"

1 - Concatenating Strings

2 - Variable with Strings

3 - Concatenating different types in Ruby

Let's try to concatenate a number with a string:

If we execute:

In Ruby we must convert it first. Let's use the "to_s" method from the Fixnum object when, in this case, is the variable number

4 - Interpolating Strings

Sometimes we can have the following code:

The output will be:

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But it's easy to get lost in this String concatenation. In this case is better to use String Interpolation:

Much better, isn't it?

5 - String Interpolation Evaluating Expression

We can evaluate expressions with Ruby Interpolation

And the result will be 15

Important: This works since we're using double quotes in the String interpolation!

With single-quoted strings, Ruby will just understand the string literally

The output will be the following, without the interpolation:

So, we can use single quotes when we need to use the literal strings!

That's it! In the next post: Part 4 - Ruby Classes, Objects and Instances we're going to see Ruby Classes, Objects and Instance!

I hope that would be useful to you! Thanks!

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