Ruby Language for Beginners Part 2 - Ruby Methods

Ruby Language for Beginners Part 2 - Ruby Methods


This is a post from the Ruby Language for Beginners in 8 Parts!

In the today's post we're going to see Methods and Variables in Ruby

Ruby Methods

Let's create the following math calculation:

puts itself is a Ruby method. Actually it's a built-in Ruby method and we can create our own Ruby methods:

We could create a calculator to sum numbers by creating a method called sum, receiving 2 parameters:

Notice the pattern to create a Ruby method:

Ruby is really smart and you don't need to use the return keyword:

Ruby evaluates the last expression and returns that : )

Just remembering, we don't need to use parentheses when calling a method:

Let's jump into Ruby Variables!

Ruby Variables

We need to keep values in some place, right? : )

Let's create a method to sum up 10 to a given number and then return the result:

As you can see we created the variable ten to hold the value 10

Can we change the variable in the middle of the program? Yes, we can!

The output will be:

10 15

Changing the type of the variable

Ruby has another important characteristics: You can change the type of the variable, even after initiated it.

In the previous example we had the Ruby code:

This is totally fine in Ruby!

That's it! In the next post: Part 3 - Ruby Strings we're going to see Ruby Strings!

I hope that would be useful to you! Thanks!

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